FIMO Bead Rollers & Cutters

Polymer Clay Bead Making

Easily make perfect beads of a consistent size and shape from Polymer Clays like FIMO and Sculpey.

Simply slide the base and top of the bead roller back and forth along the guiding rails.


Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker

Create the perfect domes to make hollow beads in a variety of sizes from polymer clay.

You can make both halves at the same time and bake directly on the mould.
Dome sizes: 19mm, 25mm, 31mm, 38mm and 44mm.

FIMO Magic Bead Roller

Three different bead shapes. This tool makes round, oval, and bicone beads in three easy steps.
Soften FIMO then measure using the supplied ring. Roll softened clay into a ball and place into one of the channels in the base. Place top over base and slide back and forth. For best results use with Bead Baking Pins and Bead Baking Rack.

FIMO Magic Bead Roller Plus - "Coil" & "Olive"

Professional system for making accurate customised beads of 2 shapes. The "olive" bead is 28x11mm and the "coil" bead is 13mm in diameter.

Includes 20 needles for deformation-free bead treatment.

For project ideas we recommend "Bead Techniques - Clay Jewellery and Bead Rollers".

FIMO Magic Bead Roller Multi - "Bicone Bead"

Professional system for making accurate customised beads. Makes matching double-cone beads in 5 sizes - 22mm, 16mm, 13mm, 10mm and 6mm.
Optional Bead Baking Rack and Piercing Pins can be bought separately.

Bead Piercing Pins - Refill Set of 50

Beads from FIMO or other clays are easier to dry with bead piercing pins. Use a bead roller to make beads, pierce with a pin and transfer to the AMACO Bead Baking Rack. Your beads will be perfectly shaped with no flat spots or finger prints.
Set of 50 pins each approximately 9cm long.

Premo! Custom Bead Cores - 50 Pieces

Unique two-piece core makes it simple to create any size designer bead that easily fits onto popular charm bracelets. The beads can be multiple sizes, shapes and any design imaginable.
50 Pieces. You can make 25 beautiful beads with one pack of the premo! Custom bead cores. Visit the sculpey site for more details and projects.

Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewellery

Techniques, projects and inspiration. Use polymer clays to simulate the look of glass, enamel, metal, fine porcelain, pearls, mosaics and chalked ceramics. Learn how to use metal and liquid clays. Combine metal leaf, transfers, chalk, fibres, etc.
128 pages. Colour illustrations on every page. Introductory section covers clays, tools, basic techniques and use of specialist polymer clays. 18 stunning step-by-step illustrated projects (84 pages) and a gallery (8 pages).

Bead Techniques - Clay Jewellery with Bead Rollers

A Bead Roller makes creating uniform beads easy and fun. Use single colours or combine colours for stunning effects.
This 20 page technique-based book by Linda Peterson gives you the knowledge to create unique wearable art.

FIMO DVD Workshop 1

12 step-by-step instructional videos from Staedtler, manufacturer of FIMO polymer clay. Suitable for all with 3 graded difficulty levels. See DVD trailer.
Playing time: 73 minutes. Also includes print templates and material lists. Projects include fantasy castle, racing cars, little monsters, beaded bracelet, necklace, clock face, Christmas decorations, etc..

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