FIMO Metal Leaf

FIMO Leaf Metal

FIMO Leaf Metal is genuine leaf metal. We supply all the materials needed to produce a perfect gilded metal finish.

For best results use size (adhesive) to coat the surface to be decorated. Apply the leaf metal and finish with a paintbrush. Use varnish to protect after drying.

See the Projects section for ideas on how to use FIMO leaf metal.


FIMO Leaf Metal - Copper

These copper leaf metal sheets are perfect for gilded metal effects. For best results use FIMO Size to coat the surface and use FIMO Varnish to protect after drying.
Contents: 11 (7 + 4 'free') sheets of copper leaf (140mm x 140mm).

FIMO Size for Leaf Metal

Apply a thin even coating of size (adhesive) before applying the leaf metal.
Contents: 35ml

FIMO Gloss Varnish 35ml

Water based and solvent free. Dries in a transparent gloss finish. Touch dry after 20 minutes. Fully dry after 24 hours. To achieve a high gloss finish apply 2 coatings.
35ml bottle.

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