Polymer Clay Tools

Polymer clays like FIMO and Sculpey are versatile craft materials which need the correct tools to give best results. We stock an enormous range of specialist crafting tools, bead rollers, cutters, acrylic rollers and blades.

A pasta machine is the ultimate tool for conditioning polymer clay and blending in thin sheets or producing textured finishes.


FIMO Modelling Tool Set

Set of four versatile polymer clay modelling tools from Staedtler. Suitable for FIMO and Sculpey.

FIMO Professional Ball Tool

Designed for creating detailing such as doll eye sockets.Small an large balls at either end of the tool.
Double-ended with chrome-plated steel balls at either end of maple wood shaft - small ball 1.5mm and large ball 8mm diameter.

FIMO Professional Clay Shaper Tool

Premium modelling tool for precise sculpting and shaping of modelling clay. Taper point and flat chisel ends made from extra hard hard silicone. Double-ended with maple wood shaft.

FIMO Professional Drill and Smoothing Tool

Smoothing tip is designed to cut clay and accentuate elevated elements. Drill tip is suitable for piercing hardened clays eg creating bead holes. Double-ended with maple wood shaft; stainless steel smoothing tool and chrome-plated drill bit.

FIMO Professional Needle and V Tool

Stainless steel needle tip designed for drilling holes in unhardened clay beads, smoothing and fine detailing and pattern making. Also use for picking up and attaching clay pieces. V tip is designed for carving and creating uniform notches.

FIMO Grind 'n Polish Set

Three sanding sponges for wet sanding and smoothing surfaces of hardened FIMO and other clays. Ideal for sanding round and curved shapes using the smooth foam surface. Can be easily cut so size as needed. Long lasting. Easy to wash for frequent use.
Includes three different sanding grades: "Fine", "Super-fine" and "Micro-fine". Size: 95 x 125mm and 5mm deep. NB If gloss varnish is to be used afterwards smoother surfaces give better results.

FIMO Cutter Blades - Set of 3

Three extra thin, especially sharp, stainless steel blades. For cutting FIMO and other clay. Effortless cutting without squashing or smearing. Well suited for cutting millefiori cane.
1 x rigid blade. 1 x flexible blade (for curves). 1 x ripple blade.

FIMO Oven Thermometer

FIMO clay should be hardened by baking at 110°C (230°F). Use this especially designed oven thermometer to monitor the oven temperature.
Range 0 - 300°C. Temperature tolerance +/- 2%.

Sculpey Super Slicer

4 designer blades with one set of snap-on handles offering added leverage, control and safety. Rigid blade for clear, straight cuts; Flexible blade for curved cuts and edges; Rick Rack blade for zigzag cuts and curved edges; Wave blade for wavy cuts.

Sculpey Acrylic Roller

A strong acrylic roller designed to roll even sheets of clay and to smooth clay surfaces. The non-stick surface eliminates the need for a release agent. Clean with soap and water.
20 cm (8 inch) roller with diameter of 2.5cm (1 inch). Simple and convenient to use in place of a Pasta Machine.

Sculpey 5-in-1 Clay Tool

Multi-purpose tool with 5 interchangeable heads. Includes a blade, cone tipped shaper, chisel tipped shaper, ball end and needle tool. A unique magnet design and tool head storage makes switching tool heads quick and easy.

Sculpey Clay Tool Starter Set

A set of 3 double-ended tools to shape, texture and add detail to clay projects. Each unique tool has 2 distinctive ends giving you 6 options; needle end, stamp end, blunt end, ball end, knife end and flat end.

Sculpey Etch 'n Pearl

Set of 3 double ended metal skewers. Use pointed ends to add fine details to clay or to pierce beads. Bake beads directly on the metal skewers. Use concave ends to crease delicate pearl impression patterns.

Sculpey Style & Detail Tools

3 dual-purpose shaping and smoothing tools each with one ball end and one flexible tip shaper. Use stainless steel ball end to make indentations, concave forms and curled or wavy edges. Use flexible tips to shape and smooth, blend seams, create patterns.

Sculpey Technique Design Blocks (Set of 4)

4 unique design blocks to make advanced techniques easy. Use to impress deep patterns in to clay. Quickly make mokume gane, mica shift, bargello and more!
Dots of different widths. Lines, dashes and grids. Geometric shapes of different depths and widths. Dragging - evenly spaced lines.

Sculpey Texture Wheel

Add textures to clay with 4 interchangeable textured wheels and universal handle. 1. Feather wheel to create soft accent pattern 2. Rope wheel to create bold rope design 3. Vine wheel to create perennial effect 4. Pearling wheel to create line of pearls

Sculpey Clay Tools - Essential Tool Kit

This 11 piece set includes everything you could ever want to work with polymer clays like FIMO and Sculpey to create high quality sculptures.
Contents: Clay Roller, Super Slicer (with handles), 6mm Style and Detail Tool, Texture Wheel with 2 design wheels (vine and rope), Blunt Point Tool (double ended), Clay Knife and Needle Pointer Tool.

Sculpey Clay Extruder

This indispensable tool has 19 interchangeable discs for making leaves, clovers, rope, braid, bricks, tubes, grass, hair and more! A simple way to add attractive textural details to your polymer clay projects.
Made from top quality die-cast steel.

Makin's Professional - Ultimate Clay Extruder with 20 Discs

The Makin's clay gun extruder is a professional quality tool. It is very easy to use and keep clean. With the 20 disc designs you can create many different embellishments for your projects. The round discs are for vines, stems, borders, and letters.
The screen discs are for hair, grass, straw and floral stamens.The flat slot discs are for weaving baskets, lattice, ribbons and bows. The square, triangle, half round discs are for bricks, logs, borders, and can be cut and used for small beads.

Makin's Professional - Clay Cutter Set

Seven piece professional tool ideal for marking, cutting and branding polymer clay. Use the cutters to create straight, curved and wavy cuts as well as cutting out holes.
Includes double-ended assembly handle, assembly head, wave cutter disk, plain cutter disc (ideal for curves), plain cutting tip (for straight cuts) and 2 cutter points.

Makin's Professional - Ultimate Clay Set of 10 Discs (B)

Additional range of 10 extruder discs for use with the Ultimate Clay Extruder.

Makin's Professional - Professional Clay Tools 35060 (27 Pieces)

Includes everything found in the 'clay cutter set' and 'clay texture set' but with extra tools. Similar to set 35053 but has 5 extra detailing points. Excellent value set of 27 items includes sturdy plastic storage case.
Contents: 2 double-ended assembly handles, 2 assembly heads, 3 rotary cutting wheels - plain, wave & scalloped , 3 texture points, 3 sphere points, 8 detailing points, 3 stamping points, 1 feather point, 1 cutting tip, 1 plastic storage container.

Craft Pasta Machine

For use with FIMO & Sculpey clays and soft metal sheets (eg ArtEmboss). Sturdy stainless steel construction. 14cm opening. 8 thickness settings. Includes pasta machine, handle and clamp.
Create perfect flat sheets of Polymer Clay. Combine colours in striped effects. Also use to transfer texture and designs to FIMO & Sculpey or ArtEmboss metal foil using texture plates.

FIMO Magic Bead Roller

Three different bead shapes. This tool makes round, oval, and bicone beads in three easy steps.
Soften FIMO then measure using the supplied ring. Roll softened clay into a ball and place into one of the channels in the base. Place top over base and slide back and forth. For best results use with Bead Baking Pins and Bead Baking Rack.

FIMO Magic Bead Roller Plus - "Coil" & "Olive"

Professional system for making accurate customised beads of 2 shapes. The "olive" bead is 28x11mm and the "coil" bead is 13mm in diameter.

Includes 20 needles for deformation-free bead treatment.

For project ideas we recommend "Bead Techniques - Clay Jewellery and Bead Rollers".

FIMO Magic Bead Roller Multi - "Bicone Bead"

Professional system for making accurate customised beads. Makes matching double-cone beads in 5 sizes - 22mm, 16mm, 13mm, 10mm and 6mm.
Optional Bead Baking Rack and Piercing Pins can be bought separately.

FIMO DVD Workshop 1

12 step-by-step instructional videos from Staedtler, manufacturer of FIMO polymer clay. Suitable for all with 3 graded difficulty levels. See DVD trailer.
Playing time: 73 minutes. Also includes print templates and material lists. Projects include fantasy castle, racing cars, little monsters, beaded bracelet, necklace, clock face, Christmas decorations, etc..

Bead Techniques - Clay Jewellery with Bead Rollers

A Bead Roller makes creating uniform beads easy and fun. Use single colours or combine colours for stunning effects.
This 20 page technique-based book by Linda Peterson gives you the knowledge to create unique wearable art.

Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewellery

Techniques, projects and inspiration. Use polymer clays to simulate the look of glass, enamel, metal, fine porcelain, pearls, mosaics and chalked ceramics. Learn how to use metal and liquid clays. Combine metal leaf, transfers, chalk, fibres, etc.
128 pages. Colour illustrations on every page. Introductory section covers clays, tools, basic techniques and use of specialist polymer clays. 18 stunning step-by-step illustrated projects (84 pages) and a gallery (8 pages).

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