Pebeo Marbling

Marbling is a method of decorating paper or fabric through the manipulation of floating colours. Colour is applied to the surface of a thickened liquid and fashioned into artistic patterns. Paper or fabric is then briefly laid down upon the surface to print. The paint adheres upon contact and the design is transferred.

The Pebeo system comprises 9 vivid colours and a thickening agent. The colours are water based and ready to use.


Preparation of mixture and addition of colours

Add 2 heaped teaspoons of thickener to 1 litre of water and stir thoroughly. Leave for 2 hours. Pour a 2-3 cm layer into a plastic tub. Using the dropper deposit colours on to the surface of the mixture.

Creating marbled effect

Allow the drops of colour to spread for a few seconds, then swirl with a wooden stick, the point of a knife, or a comb until you obtain the patterns you want.

Colour transferring and drying

Carefully lay the paper or fabric on the surface and leave for 10 seconds. Lift out and rinse quickly under running water to remove excess colour. Allow to dry flat. To fix colours on fabrics, press on the reverse side of the fabric for 3 minutes using a hot iron.

Pebeo Marbling - Vermillion 02

45ml bottle with dropper

Pebeo Marbling - Bengal Pink 03

45ml bottle with dropper

Pebeo Marbling - Sienna 07

45ml bottle with dropper

Pebeo Marbling - Black 09

45ml bottle with dropper

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