Brushes & Accessories for Glass Painting

  • Lightening Medium - Mix with Vitrail colours for a lighter tone without thinning
  • Sparkling Glitter Medium - Mix for a bright and sparkling effect
  • Matt Medium - Use to increase the opacity
  • Crackling kit - use to obtain true crackling on glass
  • Colourless Mineral Spirit - Odourless solvent to dilute Vitrail colour
  • Self Adhesive Lead Strip - To imitate stained glass

Vitrail - Lightening Medium 45ml

Mix with Vitrail colours to create lighter tones without reducing the quality of the colour or making the liquid more fluid. Can also be used as a top coat varnish.

Vitrail - Matt Medium 45ml

Mix with Vitrail Colours to obtain a matt finish or frosted effect. The intensity of the effect depends on the proportion used.

Vitrail Crackling Effect Kit

Use this kit to create a crackle effect on glass. First apply Vitrail Colour. Allow to dry for only 1-2 hours. Apply a coat of Crackle Medium to the sticky surface. Crackles appear within 15 minutes.
2 x 45ml bottles of crackle medium and leaflet

Yellow Polyamide Brush Set - 6 Flat Brushes 140

Wallet of 6 yellow polyamide bushes from Pebeo ideal for all media. Use flat brushes for backgrounds, blends, flat washes and varnishing.
Flat 0, 2, 4, 10, 12, 18

Yellow Polyamide Brush Set - 6 Round Brushes 150

Wallet of 6 yellow polyamide bushes from Pebeo for all media. Use round brushes for decoration, details, outlines and final touches.
Round 000, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8

Yellow Polyamide Brush Set - 8 Round, Flat, Fan, Liner 170

Wallet of 6 yellow polyamide bushes from Pebeo. Wide selection of brush styles and sizes for all uses.
Round 0, 4, 8; flat 2, 10, 18; fan 6; liner 10/0

Foam Brushes - Set of 3

Use to cover large areas with a smooth effect avoiding watermarks. Suitable for painting on silk and other materials.
Foam brushes are 2.5cm, 5cm and 7.5cm across.

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