Brushes & Accessories for Glass Painting

  • Lightening Medium - Mix with Vitrail colours for a lighter tone without thinning
  • Sparkling Glitter Medium - Mix for a bright and sparkling effect
  • Matt Medium - Use to increase the opacity
  • Crackling kit - use to obtain true crackling on glass
  • Colourless Mineral Spirit - Odourless solvent to dilute Vitrail colour
  • Self Adhesive Lead Strip - To imitate stained glass

Vitrail - Lightening Medium 45ml

Mix with Vitrail colours to create lighter tones without reducing the quality of the colour or making the liquid more fluid. Can also be used as a top coat varnish.

Vitrail - Matt Medium 45ml

Mix with Vitrail Colours to obtain a matt finish or frosted effect. The intensity of the effect depends on the proportion used.

Vitrail Crackling Effect Kit

Use this kit to create a crackle effect on glass. First apply Vitrail Colour. Allow to dry for only 1-2 hours. Apply a coat of Crackle Medium to the sticky surface. Crackles appear within 15 minutes.
2 x 45ml bottles of crackle medium and leaflet

Franogard Odourless Mineral Spirit 75ml

For diluting Vitrail colours. Odourless Mineral Spirit does not present any risk of irritation or allergic skin reaction. Can also be used to clean brushes.
75ml bottle

Yellow Polyamide Brush Set - 6 Flat Brushes 140

Wallet of 6 yellow polyamide bushes from Pebeo ideal for all media. Use flat brushes for backgrounds, blends, flat washes and varnishing.
Flat 0, 2, 4, 10, 12, 18

Yellow Polyamide Brush Set - 6 Round Brushes 150

Wallet of 6 yellow polyamide bushes from Pebeo for all media. Use round brushes for decoration, details, outlines and final touches.
Round 000, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8

Yellow Polyamide Brush Set - 8 Round, Flat, Fan, Liner 170

Wallet of 6 yellow polyamide bushes from Pebeo. Wide selection of brush styles and sizes for all uses.
Round 0, 4, 8; flat 2, 10, 18; fan 6; liner 10/0

Foam Brushes - Set of 3

Use to cover large areas with a smooth effect avoiding watermarks. Suitable for painting on silk and other materials.
Foam brushes are 2.5cm, 5cm and 7.5cm across.

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