Sculpey Polymer Clay

Sculpey Clay from Polyform is a leading brand of polymer clay. Sculpey polymer clay is a man-made modelling material which is extremely artist-friendly and versatile.
Sculpey is available in an enormous range of attractive colours and is manufactured in a variety of textures to make this material ideal for all skill levels from children to professional crafters.

  Sculpey III
Softer ready-to-use clay ideal for the beginner or for quick and easy use. Available in 28 bright colours.

Sculpey Soufflé
New less dense clay which bakes with a suede finish. Available in 22 colours.
Easy to use like Sculpey III but holds detail well like Premo!

  Premo! Sculpey
Firmer clay that holds detail well ideal for the professional or more advanced clay artist. 57g, 227g and 454g blocks.
  Premo! Sculpey Accents
Enhanced clays with the same texture quality as Premo! Includes pearlised, translucent, metallic, glitter and granite effect clays.
Sculpey Original & Super
Original is a low cost clay for larger projects. Super Sculpey has excellent tooling qualities (454g blocks). Super Sculpey Living Doll has been formulated for doll making.
Kits for kids Sculpey Project Sets
Everything you need to make great items from polymer clay. Adult and child sets.
Polymer Clay Starter Sets Sculpey Starter Sets>
Ready-to-go colour collections to get you sculpting. Ideal gifts.
Clay Tools Clay Tools
Specialist Tools to work with FIMO and other clays. Rollers, cutters, shapers, extruders, pasta machine, texture plates, bead rollers and more.
 Clay Finishes and Decoration Clay Finishes & Decoration
Glazes, clay softeners, liquid clays, foils, transfers, leaf metal, metallic powders, acrylic paints and more.

The FIMO range of polymer clays can be combined with Sculpey clays opening up a vast range of alternative colours and textures.