Clay Modelling

Polymer Clays are a versatile modelling medium suitable for beginners but also ideal for the advanced clay artist. Softer clays such as FIMO Soft and Sculpey III are extremely easy to use. FIMO Professional and Premo! Sculpey are firmer clays which are pliable once conditioned and hold detail well. They are available in a vast range of colours including specialist skin colours for doll making. FIMO kids is ideal for younger modellers!

FIMO and Makin's Air Dry Clays are a convenient alternative that do not require baking to set.These allow solid but lightweight modelling projects and are available in bright colours.

Although these clays can be worked with minimal tools more detailed projects will be helped by using specialist tools - a vast range are on offer - and referring to polymer clay books.

 FIMO Professional FIMO Polymer Clay
FIMO Clays from Staedtler are the original polymer clays. The range includes FIMO Professional (a firmer clay), FIMO Soft & Effect (easier to work clays) and FIMO kids.
  Sculpey Polymer Clay
Sculpey Clay from Polyform is a leading brand of polymer clay. Premo! Sculpey is a firmer clay that takes detail well. Sculpey III is an easier to use clay in a large range of colours.
  FIMO Air Dry Clay
These air-drying clays are convenient to use. The range includes FIMO Air Basic, Natural and Light.
  Polymer Clay Books
A large range of books for clay artists at all stages from children to professionals. Learn basic and advanced techniques. Get creative inspiration.
 Polymer Clay Starter Sets Polymer Clay Starter Sets
Ready-to-go colour collections to get you sculpting. Ideal gifts. 
 Kits for kids Polymer Clay Project Sets
Everything you need to make great items from polymer clay. Adult and child sets.
 Clay Finishes and Decoration Clay Finishes & Decoration
Glazes, clay softeners, liquid clays, foils, transfers, leaf metal, metallic powders, acrylic paints and more.
 Clay Tools Clay Tools
Specialist Tools to work with FIMO and other clays. Rollers, cutters, shapers, extruders, pasta machine, texture plates, bead rollers and more.