Casting Materials

  • Crystal Resin is a two-component epoxy resin system which is a perfect imitation of glass paste. Also available pre-coloured in a range of Colour Resins and Pearl Resins.
  • Light Plaster - best value for general purpose use.
  • Hard or Precision Plaster is ideal for artistic casts. It offers accuracy and strength of exceptional quality.
  • Resin Plaster is exceptionally hard and is recommended to mould objects requiring fineness, strength and whiteness.
  • Restoration or Glueing Plaster is a technical plaster which is very thick and sticky. Ideal for restoring frames or mouldings.
  • Reconstituted Stone faithfully reproduces the appearance of limestone. Can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Gedeo Precision (Hard) Plaster 1kg

1kg pack of hard plaster. Also called precision plaster. Use this 'alpha plaster' for moulding reliefs and ornaments. Also suitable for producing moulds in one or two parts.
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Gedeo Resin Plaster 1kg

Top quality 'alpha plaster'. Due to its exceptional hardness after drying it is similar to polyester resins. Use for moulding models, artworks and everyday objects.
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Gedeo Restoration Plaster 750g

Also known as glueing plaster. A technical plaster which is thick and very sticky. Doesn't run and adheres to most surfaces.
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Gedeo Plaster Strips

Use to produce masks by applying directly to skin. Make imprints of other large objects. Suitable for making supporting shells for Siligum, Alginate or Latex moulds. Strips can also be used to cover wire frames, etc.
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Gedeo Demoulding Vaseline 75ml

Use Demoulding Vaseline to simplify the demoulding of Crystal Resin. It protects the moulds. It can also be used to protect eyelashes and eyebrows before moulding the face with alginate or plaster strips.
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Gedeo Gloss Varnish 75ml

Gloss varnish based on a highly resistant and transparent acrylic resin. Use to protect decorations and preserve the sparkle and intensity of colours. Easy to apply to any clean surface.
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