Woodware Punches - Big

1 ½ inch craft punches

Big lever punch for paper and light weight card. The shape cut is approximately 1½ inches (38mm) between the widest parts of the design.

Recommended paper weight 110-200 gsm. Using the incorrect thickness of card or paper may result in the punch jamming or not giving a clean cut.


Woodware Craft Punch Big - Christmas Tree

1½ inch (38mm) diameter cutting die

Woodware Craft Punch Big - Circle

1½ inch (38mm) diameter cutting die

Woodware Craft Punch Big - Daisy

1½ inch (38mm) diameter cutting die

Woodware Craft Punch Big - Fern

1½ inch (38mm) diameter cutting die

Woodware Craft Punch Big - Fir Tree**

1½ inch (38mm) diameter cutting die

Woodware Craft Punch Big - Plum

1½ inch (38mm) diameter cutting die

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