Polymer Clay Book Shop

Polymer Clay Book Shop

Polymer Clays like FIMO and Sculpey are versatile craft materials which can be used to create a range of items including jewellery, unique beads and ornamentation.

These books and project guides will inspire you with ideas which will allow you to express yourself in this versatile medium.


Creating with Polymer Clay - Designs, Techniques, Projects

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This leading polymer clay book includes a colour gallery of work, and easy instructions for 26 projects. Introductory sections cover basic techniques and essential skills. Later chapters introduce advanced techniques used in the imaginative projects.
120 pages with 160 colour photographs. The 26 projects are fully illustrated with details of clay, equipment and techniques used. Includes jewellery projects as well as decorative items, useful articles for the home and fun gaming pieces.

Making Polymer Clay Cards & Tags

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In this delightful book you will a treasure trove of fresh, modern designs for almost every occasion. Introductory section on materials and equipment, guide to techniques and 30 fully illustrated step-by-step projects.
128 pages.Colour photography throughout. 24 bright, fun cards and 6 matching tags. Experienced card-makers and those new to the craft will love the 3D and textural effect that polymer clay gives to greetings cards and tags.

FIMO DVD Workshop 1

12 step-by-step instructional videos from Staedtler, manufacturer of FIMO polymer clay. Suitable for all with 3 graded difficulty levels. See DVD trailer.
Playing time: 73 minutes. Also includes print templates and material lists. Projects include fantasy castle, racing cars, little monsters, beaded bracelet, necklace, clock face, Christmas decorations, etc..

The Art of Polymer Clay

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Author and artist Donna Kato introduces crafters to the vast range of polymer clay techniques, from millefiori to imitative to sculpture. Ideal book for all skills levels covering a wide range of techniques.
Updates on clays, tools and supplies, conditioning, and safety make this the definitive book in the field and one that everyone can afford to buy and enjoy. 144 pages with 200 colour photographs.

Polymer Clay Creative Traditions

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Step-by-step instructions and photos for 30+ projects and techniques that draw on the artistic traditions of the past. Artists at all skill levels can create lovely clay pieces inspired by painting and drawing, ethnic carving, quilting, ceramics, etc..
144 full colour pages. 300 photographs. 30+ projects. In addition the work of more than 90 contributing polymer clay artists is shown in full colour photography.

Polymer Clay Color Inspirations

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Learn to create unique palettes for stunning jewellery. This unusual book offers a very different approach to polymer clay artistry. The main emphasis is on colour theory and how to select and combine colours to create spectacular jewellery.
144 pages with full colour photographs and diagrams throughout. Invaluable reference tool for creating jewellery designs. Complete eleven helpful exercises and ten exciting jewellery projects that help you analyze your personal colour prefences.

Polymer Clay Beads - Techniques, Projects, Inspiration

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Create beautiful beads from polymer clay by mastering different techniques. Introductory sections on clays, tools and techniques. This book starts with basics then introduces advanced clay techniques to produce unique decorative beads.
144 pages. Colour photography thoughout. Step-by-step illustrated instructions reveal the secrets of producing beads using a large variety of techniques. Learn to make hand-formed, pearlised mica-clay, textured lathe-turned and moulded beads.

Polymer Clay Beaded Jewellery

Learn how to make colourful, unusual beads and jewellery. Explore the wonderful versatility of polymer clay and learn how to create a whole range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.
48 pages. 200 colour photographs. 11 step-by-step photograph illustrated jewellery projects. Introductory sections on materials, supplies and techniques.

Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewellery

Techniques, projects and inspiration. Use polymer clays to simulate the look of glass, enamel, metal, fine porcelain, pearls, mosaics and chalked ceramics. Learn how to use metal and liquid clays. Combine metal leaf, transfers, chalk, fibres, etc.
128 pages. Colour illustrations on every page. Introductory section covers clays, tools, basic techniques and use of specialist polymer clays. 18 stunning step-by-step illustrated projects (84 pages) and a gallery (8 pages).

Bead Techniques - Clay Jewellery with Bead Rollers

A Bead Roller makes creating uniform beads easy and fun. Use single colours or combine colours for stunning effects.
This 20 page technique-based book by Linda Peterson gives you the knowledge to create unique wearable art.

How to Make Clay Characters

With Polymer Clay and imagination, Maureen Carlson has brought a whole world of cheery little characters to life. Starts with simple neighbourhood kids and progressing to more complex characters like Grandpa and Saint Nick.
128 pages with full colour photographs throughout. Detailed step-by-step projects. Introductory sections cover materials, tools and techniques. Learn about creating hair, facial expressions, clothing and footwear.

Miniature Food Masterclass

Angie Scarr shares the secrets of her amazingly intricate work in Polymer Clay. She invites us to join in with her passion for miniature food. Create a variety of food canes, liquid and Translucent effects, glazes, moulding and veining.
160 pages richly illustrated pages. Packed full of new techniques, materials and projects. Illustrated with step-by-step pictures throughout. Projects include chocolate buttons, asparagus, watermelon, starfruit, bakewell tart.

The Polymer Clay Cookbook

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Whip up tiny, deliciously realistic jewellery! Written by 2 sisters with an obsession for tiny food jewellery this book is full of fun and calorie-free projects! Use Polymer Clay to make pizza, bacon & eggs, lemon slices cupcakes, ice cream and more.
160 pages richly illustrated pages with colour on every page. 20 projects with step-by-step illustrations to make charms and jewellery inspired by favourite foods. Includes sections on materials, tools & techniques.

Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls

Perfect the craft of creating fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses, bread, and pastries in marvellous detail - right down to the earth on your potatoes! The projects illustrated are quite amazing and inspirational.
144 pages with 700 colour photos. Step-by-step guides show how to create mini works of art in clay and set them in context within market stalls and other display items. Projects include a bakery, a delicatessen, a meat stall, and a fruit and veg stall.

Tasty Trinkets - Polymer Clay Food Jewellery

Charlotte Stowell shows how to make delicious looking ploymer clay food using simple modelling techniques, and how to turn it into fun and attractive jewellery. Make a chilli charm, cup cake brooch, burger bracelet, fondant fancy earrings and more.
Part of the 'Twenty to Make' craft book series. 48 pages (215 x 155 mm) with full colour illusrations on each page. 20 delightful designs and 20 alternatives. Clear step by step instructions. Easy and fun to make.

Polymer Clay Buttons - Twenty to Make

This book gives detailed instruction for 20 bright appealing button designs made from polymer clay. Ranging from classic round buttons to quirky ladybirds and toadstools these great designs will bring fun as decorative items on your clothing.
Part of the 'Twenty to Make' craft book series. 48 pages (215 x 155 mm) with full colour illusrations on each page. A collection of 20 fun and chic designs.

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